check in

After running this wonderful kitten blog for a few months I feel like the state of it is still a little new. Even though a few months have passed it doesn’t feel that way because I feel like I didn’t post enough kitten content. This blog has a lot of potential but I was busy with school work and other things to really make it the best it could be. But the posts that I did do for class had some effort put into them and I made sure they were good for my audience. There is some quality content on this blog and a few actual kitten posts which I think is good. One of the posts is even original content featuring my very own cat, Ricky. I had hoped to post more animals, especially cute kittens, and show various videos, pictures, and articles like I said I would. But I learned it’s hard to keep up a blog unless it’s something you really want to do. Especially when you are trying to provide quality content for the audience.


Besides the fact that I wasn’t keeping up with kitten posts, the posts for my class assignments were good because they featured different software and content that kept this interesting. Looking back, it was nice to learn how to use the different tools available.


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