Other Animal Blogs

There are countless places online to find pictures of cute animals, especially cute kittens. One of the best things about the internet is how there’s so many animal videos and pictures are available. Everyone is always trying to brighten their day with a new cute cat or puppy which means there is constantly new content. All the other websites that feature cute animals, especially cats, are very similar to mine. My blog fits in with all of these by showcasing the best cats on the internet hand picked by me, a cat owner. Some of the cats are older and some are actual kittens so it shows some variety. It adds to the amazing collection of places to find cute animals online.


My blog adds to this conversation by showcasing kittens that I personally find cute, while I also give my opinion. Also I show pictures of my own cat, Ricky, so I am adding my own cute animal to mix. By adding my personal pet and my own words, I am creating new content for the internet to enjoy. It’s always nice to have new animals online even there there seems to be an endless supply already. People are always going to want to see cute animals and they shouldn’t ever feel like there isn’t enough.


Maine Coon kittens, 8 weeks old, playing with a Hasselblad camera


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