The process for making this peanut character was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. I made my character look like me so it had browner skin and long black hair. I also put more sporty clothes on it rather than girly because that is the style that I usually wear. I made the character smiling because I am always smiling myself in real life. I thought it was fun to base a character off me because I used to always play games like this when I was little and it brought me back to those old times. For the background, I put my character outside because I like being outside during the summer when it’s warm. I think this assignment was kind of cute but I don’t really understand what it has to do with blogging. I guess it’s nice to see what kind of ways you can customize yourself. I liked that the website had the option to download a profile picture. Overall this was a cute assignment and I hope to make more characters in the future.


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