Creative Commons

When I went to the Creative Commons search engine page and tried to search keywords for my blog, an error kept popping up. I tried a few times but it wasn’t working so I used Google to find an article on called 30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media. When I scrolled down the list they had all sorts of sites for audio, video, and images. I got to the image part and lucky for me the first link was to which was a site with thousands of free to use animal photos divided into easy to browse categories. I clicked the link and found the cat category and found the perfect image – which is the header for this post. sitepoint even says in the description for the image links that these are perfect images for suing on blog posts or headers. It’s OK for me to use this image according to the fair use checklist because it is a published work that is in a small quantity (one blog post). Also it has no significant effect on the market or potential market for the copyrighted work. I think creative commons licences are good because it allows work to be used and seen by people who are not trying to make a profit off it. If a big business needs an image for their website they should pay for it but it’s good that people who make small blog posts have easy ways to find images to accompany the post.


2 thoughts on “Creative Commons

  1. I also used the small quantity condition. I liked that you brought up why you liked the way the licenses work, as I didn’t really think of many of the benefits that fair use provides.


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