Keyboard Cat


Keyboard cat is a viral video of an orange tabby cat named Fatso. This video was filmed in the mid-80s and has been used as an indicator of failure. People play the keyboard cat video when someones fails at something online and it’s funny. Keyboard cat was at its peak in May 2009. This meme would be beneficial to my blog because it features a cat and my blog is about cute kittens. The cat is playing music, and although the meme was used to show fails, it is still good music and a cat is shown playing it so it fits the theme. I think visitors would enjoy seeing an older meme so it can bring back memories. They came here for cats so I am showcasing one of my favorite cat memes.


There are many cat memes I could have picked from to show on my blog but I chose this one becasue it has a kinda of playful tune and it might make someone day a little better if they saw it. Usually people use the Keyboard Cat to make mashup videos of failures while they play the msuic in the background and show short clips of the cat playing. These videos are funny and I think my blog visitors would like them.


4 thoughts on “Keyboard Cat

  1. I was hoping to see the nan cat video as your meme just because it was really popular at one point, but the meme you chose did not disappoint.


  2. I am literally obsessed with my cat; her name is Jazz and she’ll be 14 this year! Literally my best friend. I love this page and keyboard cat is CLASSIC this is an awesome add on to your blog because of the popularity and relatability that people have with this video!


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