Please promote my blog

Hello readers! I am looking for more viewers and readers on my kitten blog! I want you guys to help me by promoting my blog on your social media pages. Preferably Facebook because then you can post a link to this blog with a little section on why you love it. I hope your friends and family come visit the site after they see a link.

If you end up promoting the blog on your Facebook page, please tell them why you love coming here so much. A little section showing them why it’s worth their time will help so much in making them want to click the link.

This will be beneficial to my blog because more readers will come, and then more content will be available. Readers can comment their thoughts and share their own cute kittens, which will make a whole community out of my cute kittens blog. All the users can interact with each other.

Another reason why promoting the blog on your social media is important is because the people on your social media will probably want something like this. They most likely have similar interests to you so hearing from your own friend or family about a blog will make them want to visit and become part of the community more.

Blog promotion will help get the word out about my kitten blog to more people so that those people can help promote. More and more people will tell their friends and family and then a lot of people will start visiting my blog.



4 thoughts on “Please promote my blog

  1. I like your blog picture. I have seen many post regarding cute pets and I always click on the link to see where it leads. I see a lot of potential in your blog since there a lot of animals lovers out there.


  2. Especially with today’s culture, people love to read blogs and learn about how they can help/improve their lives. I feel that by promoting a blog such as yours it will help others and improve their daily lives.


  3. I think Facebook is the smartest tool to use! It reaches so many people and you can write why you like the blog as well. Especially the fact that your blog picture will pop up and everyone will want to click on the cute kittens.


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