Screencasting Experience

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When I first saw this assignment I wasn’t excited about the idea of giving a tour of a blog. I don;t like my voice and I didn’t know how i could explain someone else blog. But it was much easier and simpler than I thought it would be. Downloading Jing took less than a minute and it was ready to use from the start. I clicked the little sun in the corner and began the recording process. I chose an animal blog to give a tour of to stay on the theme of animals and cats in my own blog. This blog was one of the top animal blogs around so I thought it was appropriate. I used Dunn’s article to think of thing stop talk about when giving the tour. I talked about the header, nav bar, sidebar, and I went through the different pages. I thought 2 minutes was a long time for a screencast but I got to that requirement easily.

I think this skill could come i handy when someone is giving tutorial videos on how to install things. I always used to see screencast videos when I looked up gaming videos or how to cheat on a game. It’s important to be able to share your screen, and this feature is great and easy to use. I never thought I’d be casting my screen before and it’s so surprising to see how easy it was. People who need help doing things online probably appreciate screen casting or people who like to watch gaming streams. If you are trying to show how to do an art tutorial on photoshop or another program this screen casting skill can be useful. It’s way better to watch a video of it and have someone explain it than to watch pictures of it happening.


3 thoughts on “Screencasting Experience

  1. I think the blog that you gave a tour of really matches well with your cute kittens blog. I was also worried about not knowing what to say to fill up the time as well. I think you did a good job though! The tour was very thorough and descriptive.


  2. I don’t know why you were so nervous, you did great! There was just a bit of weird noises on the mic but you didn’t sound bad and you highlighted all of the sections of the blog. It was very detailed, good job! 🙂


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