Garageband commercial


google drive garage band

This assignment was kind of fun because it was good to learn the very basics on how to use Garageband. I got to see the potential in the program and use it to create something to market my blog to others. When I saw that we had to use our own voice for the assignment I didn’t want to do that but in the end it was okay. I thought it would be hard to think of something to say in my commercial but then I thought about how some use the phone call as a tactic. I mainly hear stuff like that on the radio and since this commercial does’t have any visuals it worked well. I used my friend Christopher Lee’s voice to be the guy who asked where to find the cute kittens.

One of the main obstacles was figuring out how to crossfade the songs. I looked up other videos and looked at forums on how to do it and a lot of the answers were saying to click Mix and then Fade Out. I think it worked int he end but it’s a little hard to hear. Also it was hard to choose when to make the music play and when to just have the voices playing. Another thing that was difficult was choosing what to say when I described myself and my blog.  Overall I think my work is very creative and advertises my blog well. I think the phone ringing will grab the attention of many people and it’s a little funny too which should help.

This was a good project to work on because I never would have thought about advertising my blog. But if this were a real blog we would need to have people find out about it somehow and market it to the world so it was interesting to see how that could be done. I hope people like my commercial and become interested in seeing the cute kittens on my blog.


4 thoughts on “Garageband commercial

  1. I like how you had an intro for your intro with a phone call. That was very unique. I think you need to fade out your outro song sooner because it’s too long. Good Job!


  2. Hi Divya, I really liked your idea of the phone call! At first I thought it was part of the song, but was pleasantly surprised when you and your friend did that little sketch – it was very cute! The only thing I would add is that the fade out from the first song to the second song was pretty abrupt. Maybe the fade out could be drawn out a bit more in the future.


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