Designing the Blog Header

When I first read the assignment for the blog header I was worried it would take a long time and that it would be difficult to make. It was surprisingly easy and fun to create. I went to google to find pictures of cute kittens for the blog and I found three that I really liked I tried to find ones that I could put on the right, middle, and left side of the header so I picked pictures of kittens that were cute and fit that category. I made the search so that it showed me large images. Then I looked at the requirements for the theme header and saw that it was 1048 x 214. I took the three images and brought them to pixlr. I have used pixlr a few times in the past and it was always for simple things like this project. I also took a photoshop class in high school so putting images together and changing the brightness was easy. I put all the images in the correct place then I erased some parts to make them fit together. Then I changed the contrast and the brightness a little bit to make it look nice. Overall it was nice to add something that I “created” to my blog. I’m glad that this assignment was to make our own header instead of just finding one image and cropping it. It was fun to be creative and make it myself. I think I can apply my pixlr skills when I am trying to correct some of my own photos or if I want to change one of my own photos. I used to use pixlr in high school to make funny images of my friends and it’s nice to use it again now.


6 thoughts on “Designing the Blog Header

  1. I really like your header! The three kittens are very cute and it really fits your overall theme of the cute kittens. I like how the edges of the three images are faded. Although it is very simple, it is very appealing.

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  2. The second I saw the name of your site I knew exactly what your new header would look like. Your header not only sums up kittens, but it also exceeded my expectations. You blended these three images together unbelievably well.

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  3. I love the header! It instantly shows the user what your website about if the title doesn’t already give it away. I love how your pictures all look perfectly meshed together as if they were taken together. I looks so professional and looks amazing on your blog.


  4. Your header is simple and gets the point of your blog across very well. You chose incredibly cute photos of cats and combined them together really well.


  5. The header really fits your blog! And all the kittens are adorable! It’ll be really hard for people to click away once they see how cute they are. I think your use of the kitten in the middle to make the backgrounds blend easier was also a wise choice.


  6. I really love your header and think you did a great job with incorporating multiple photos of cats into one photo! I agree that using Pixlr was a creative experience and is great for combining various photos with several levels of brightness. This is so cute. Great job!


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