First blog post

Setting up this blog wasn’t that difficult because WordPress made it easy to choose and theme and customize it however I wanted. I liked some themes better than the one I chose but they didn’t include a sidebar. The hardest part was probably figuring out what to make the blog about so I chose cats because I have a pet cat and cats are cute.

It was interesting to see the different ways I could customize the blog and how some customization options were already set up. For example when choosing the main color theme for the blog it had 6 color palettes already set up. It was easy to just pick the one I liked out of the 6 options rather than make my own.

Another thing that was nice was the widgets section. There are so many different options for widgets and it’s so easy to choose the ones I wanted and add it to the sidebar. The widgets are already set up to bring you to the right place or display the right texts or posts. This feature is really convenient because it would be hard to have to set that up yourself.

Overall my experience was enjoyable because it was fun to see how easy it is to set up a blog.

The featured image with the cat and mouse was found when googling “kitten with mouse”.


This image was found by googling “kitten on computer”.


One thought on “First blog post

  1. Awh. I love the idea of creating a website based on cute kittens. I feel like I am in the 2006 internet again with all these cuddly felines.


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